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Tips to Strengthen Your Confidence

I was recently interviewed by Cindy Van Arnam of the Universal Guide to being a Well Balanced Solo-preneur.

Cindy is on a mission to simplify the online business world and to help solo-preneurs Get Shit Done!  We talked about the importance confidence plays in the success of women entrepreneurs.

Many women, not just entrepreneurs, struggle with a lack of confidence that keeps them from going all out in their business and in their life.


The stage is set early…

If you’re lucky, you were brought up in a household that nurtured your growing sense of self.  With the right support you learned to believe in yourself, you learned you were worthy of love and that you mattered in this world.

Unfortunately many women didn’t have such a strong, nurturing foundation and their sense of self never fully developed.  They often end up spending their whole life questioning their value and worthiness and searching for validation.


Society is no help.

Not only do women have to deal with the potholes of their childhood, but they also have to make sense of the myriad of conflicting message they receive from the media, the workplace, and their friends and significant others.

The messages, both subtle and not so subtle, shape how women feel about themselves.  Desperate to fit in and be accepted women often go to great lengths to contort themselves into the perfect woman, totally losing sight of the real woman behind the public facade.


You can change your mindset and build unstoppable confidence.

To get the confidence you need you have to fill in the gaps in your emotional foundation.  

Cindy and I discussed some of the ways you can do that:

  • Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself permission to be imperfect.  You don’t have to be perfect to be worthy.
  • Learn to quiet your inner critic so you can hear your inner wise woman and heed her advice.  Trust your intuition
  • Accept that failure is not bad and stop taking all the blame.  Look at the external circumstances that impacted the outcome. Make changes and try it again.  
  • Action is the key to strengthening your confidence.  By taking little actions, you develop new skills. When the bets are small, failure is not so daunting, and it’s easier to pick yourself up and go on.
  • Having a plan is important so your efforts are focused and build toward your goals, rather than being a scattershot of activity with no end goal.


Watch the short 18 minute video interview to discover more ways to build your confidence in life and business!


Stop the voice of your inner critic!

One of the things I love about being a confidence coach is helping women understand that they don’t have to be controlled by their earlier experiences.  They can strip away the blinders and dissolve their limiting beliefs by a changing their viewpoint.

Making these changes can be scary because it requires redefining the rules by which you operate, but you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re interested in exploring how you can take the first steps to creating the life you really want, then let’s talk.  

Click here to schedule a free 45 minute session where we can explore what you want to change in the next 6 months and see whether we’re good fit to make that happen.







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